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Updated Feb 2016

The Cord Safety Advice Service(CSAS)Darcy Blinds are constantly looking for ways to reduce the risk of strangulation of young children due to the cording of window blinds.As we mostly repair blinds manufactured prior to the current regulations for cord safety, we feel that it is so important to fit safety devices and update to current regulations.When we call to a home or school, day-care etc we find that 70% of our customers are unaware of the huge dangers in window blind cording.Our aim is to reduce the dangers of window blind cording in blinds prior to the introduction of current regulations and also conform and exceed regulations. We offer as part of our cleaning and repair service a low cost update to current safety regulations also any cording replaced by us as part of our repair service conforms with cord safety regulations.   
The Cord Safety Advice Service
(CSAS) New to Darcy Blinds.
Having researched the dangers of window blind cording and due to the large amount of requests for advice on same we have decided to introduce an advice service to anyone worried about this danger. The Cord Safety Advice Service (CSAS) is free of charge. What is (CSAS) and what will they do? 
Our specialist in this area is one of our contract managers Tadhg D’arcy.On contacting us on this issue your call would be properly directed to Tadhg.
Tadhg would talk with you over the phone and listen to your concerns and advise you on how you can reduce the dangers.
Tadhg will post you out the current safety regulations if requested.If he feels that your situation would benefit from a safety visit he will arrange to visit your home or school, day-care centre etc, this safety check and advice is totally free of charge.We are 46 years in business this year and in this time we feel we have learned a lot and seen a lot.We have dealt with many safety officers, schools colleges and so on and always worked alongside with them to help them comply with safety regulations. 
Now in 2016 and for many years past it is against the law to supply blinds without complying with the current cord safety regulations. 
How do we benefit from offering this service? 
Our only benefit is the hope that CSAS will save the life of a child, Then for us it has all been a very worthwhile service and therefore beneficial to us. Kids Cords Caution all the way.
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