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Mildew Removal from Blinds 100%
Mildew Damage Mildew Damage is the most common form of damage to Roller and vertical blinds in Ireland.
We have installed a new machine which is designed to remove mildew in its worst form and give 100% results on roller blind cleaning and vertical blind cleaning.
It is the first in it's kind in Ireland and has been adapted to be used in our workshop.

Our New MILeu=Care Machine.
After the blinds have got the MILeu-Care treatment they are then treated with a genuine MILeu-Guard to prevent the mildew from damaging the fabric in the future.
The process is safe and environmentally friendly.  
Its a slow process but wow what results,
It saves a fortune on replacement of blinds.

Sounds Expensive we hear you say,
Well for 2016 and for as long as we can, we are going to include this treatment in the regular cost, so it's no extra cost to you.
So if Your blinds are black with mildew, let us show you the super results, if we dont get the mildew out then we will not charge for same.
That's a fair deal !
medium grey vertical blinds large
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